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Roaming Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you've done everything necessary before roaming with Digicel.


I have checked the availability of networks at my destination.

I have learned how to use International Roaming service.

I have inquired as to which services are supported by the operator(s) that I shall be using while abroad.

I have inquired as to network availability in the region I shall be visiting

I have verified my telephone’s compatibility with the service frequency available at my destination.

I know how to make calls at my destination – calls back home, local call, etc.

I have inquired as to how I shall be charged for using International Roaming service.

PREPAID CUSTOMERS – I have remembered to top up my account or learned how to top up from abroad.

I should remember to bring my charger device with me. (My charger device and outlets at my destination may not be compatible.)


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