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Phone & Services Help

Help with your phone

If you have a technical issue with your phone, below is a troubleshooting guide that can assist you.

What is the best place to look for help?

In order to get help with various features of your phone you have a number of choices two of which are:

  • Read the manual that came with the phone
  • Dial 101 from your Digicel handset at a cost of $10 (for the entire call) for help

My mobile phone is not responding or has 'frozen'

Power your phone off and then back on (ensure you have your PIN number in case it is needed). If your phone does not respond to you pressing the ‘power off’ button, remove and then replace the battery and turn on your phone. If this still does not work, we recommend you bring the phone along with all paper work for the phone and SIM to your local retail store for help.

I’ve forgotten my PIN number!

If you have forgotten your PIN number and entered it incorrectly three times, your phone will become PIN blocked. To unlock, enter your 8 digit PUK number found on your welcome letter. You will then be required to enter a brand new PIN.

My mobile phone memory is full

If your phone memory is full, we recommend you delete some of the information Some of the things that can fill your phone memory are messages, pictures, ring tones or music.