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Topping Up



What are the available Top-Up Methods?

Flex Card

This is a small paper card with a concealed voucher number which is used to add credit to your prepaid phone.

Flex E-Card

This is a paper receipt usually printed from an electronic POS terminal.


Digicel BankFlex gives you the convenience to purchase prepaid credit using any NCB or BNS ATM machine with your respective cards.

Direct Flex

This swipe card allows you the ease of adding credit directly to your Digicel number. You can get them free of cost at select Gas Stations, Supermarkets and Pharmacies Island wide. The distributor will need to register your card to your Digicel mobile number.

Digicel Top Up/International Top Up

With Digicel Top Up, you can buy Digicel credit for your friends and family in Jamaica from select retail outlets/stores in the USA, UK, Canada, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas.

Digicel Online Top-Up

Digicel Online Top Up allows any individual who has a valid credit card to send credit to any Digicel prepaid phone via the Digicel Website ( This service can be accessed by visiting the Digicel website and selecting the “Digicel Online Top Up” option. Digicel Online Top Up service is provided in conjunction with Ezetop.

Ezetop Up in Stores

This service allows persons in the UK to purchase credit for any Jamaican Digicel prepaid account at ALL Pay Point locations. Customers will visit any Pay Point location. Pay Point will provide the customer with the top-up voucher similar to a Flex-e voucher. The voucher number can be sent via email, SMS, or by calling the friend in Jamaica. The person in Jamaica can then top-up the account as they normally do.

Text flex

Text flex is a type of voucher that allots credit for the use of text messaging only. You can check your Text Flex balance by dialing *120*2# send from your prepaid Digicel phone.

Phone to Phone

Phone 2 Phone (P2P) gives customers the flexibility to purchase prepaid credit from street vendors, stalls and small shops across the island. The amount of credit purchased is no longer restricted to the existing voucher denominations. Instead a customer can have any amount from $40 JMD upwards added directly to the their account once GCT is taken into consideration.

Finger Tip Top-Up

Finger Tip Top Up consists of two stages, registering a mobile telephone number with Digicel Online Top-Up and using codes typed on your phone to add the credit. You will then be presented with a screen showing your token, displaying the amounts that will be accepted by the Fingertip Top Up service and explaining how to use the service.

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How do I check my balance?


Prepaid customers may check their balance by dialing *120# send or by calling 120. To check Text Flex credit you may only dial *120*2# send. For Postpaid customers *120*1# send shows your balances while *120*2# send shows your bundled minutes.

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