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Nokia - Lumia 1020 Compare 

Enjoy seamless functionality with the Nokia Lumia 1020! Added to it's impressive 41MP camera, the sophisticated Lumia 1020 boasts features not limited to 4.5 inch display, MP3 and GPS functionality. This smartphone will no doubt add value for you and makes staying in touch easy with its Windows Phone 8 OS.

  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 41 MP Camera
  • 2 GB internal storage
  • 4.5 inch display
Digicel Flex J$89,950
Digicel Select J$71,960
Nokia - Lumia 520 Compare 

Take advantage of this Windows Phone 8 device's wide range of features such as its 5MP camera, video recording, bluetooth, FM Radio, MP3 Player, video and image recording, dual core 1.2Ghz processor and document editor.

  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 5MP Camera
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 4.0 inch display
Digicel Flex J$16,950
Digicel Select J$13,560
Nokia - Lumia 625 Maximus Compare 

Kick it up a notch with a new Lumia 625 from Nokia! This device combines the iconic Nokia interface with a compact lightweight form factor that fits beautifully in your hand or pocket.

  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 5MP Camera
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • 4.7 inch display
Digicel Flex J$29,950
Digicel Select J$23,960
Nokia - Lumia 920 Compare 

Stylish! Social! Smart! The Lumia 920 has an attractive, sleek and streamlined design. Staying in touch with friends and family has never looked better.

  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 8.7 MP Camera
  • 32 GB internal storage
  • 4.5 inch display
Digicel Flex J$55,150
Digicel Select J$44,120
Nokia - N106 Compare 

Durable and affordable. The Nokia N106 is just what you need for your everyday life. It's small, light and affordable too.

  • Flashlight
  • FM Radio
  • Loud Speaker
  • SMS
Digicel Flex J$3,250
Digicel Select J$2,600
Nokia - N111 Compare 

The Nokia N111 is a stylish reliable phone with a host of multimedia and messaging features. The Nokia N111 is one of the most affordable devices to offer microSD compatibility. This enables users to store up to 32 GB of music, photography, or whatever other media suits them.

  • VGA Camera
  • Email (POP3)
  • microSD compatibility
  • Bluetooth
Digicel Flex J$5,950
Digicel Select J$4,760