Postpaid Balance Enquiry FAQ

1. What is PCBE?

PCBE is an acronym for Postpaid Customer Balance Enquiry. This is Digicel’s new USSD based service which will allow postpaid customers to access their billing information by typing a USSD string from their mobile handsets.

2. What billing information will postpaid customers have access to via PCBE?

Customers will be able to view their:

- Real Time Available Credit

- Real Time Amount Owing


3. What is the access code for PCBE?

For ease of memory, we will be using the same code as is used for prepaid balance enquiry - *120#.

4. How does the service work?
Postpaid customers simply type “*120#” from the blank screen of their handset and press the “SEND” button.

The following message will be displayed:-

Amount Owing: JMDXXX.XX

Available Credit: JMDXXX.XX

5. Will anyone be able to access my postpaid balance using the PCBE service?

No. PCBE only provides information on the postpaid account associated with the phone number that is physically allocated to the SIM in the phone from which the request is being sent.

This does however mean that persons with physical access to a postpaid customer’s handset can simply dial the USSD string and will be presented with the information. It is the customer's responsibility to secure his/her handset and hence protect his privacy.

6. Are there any criteria that customers need to meet to send a PCBE request?

No – all Digicel postpaid customers will be able to access the service from their handset.

7. Is there a service fee or any other charge for using PCBE?

No, there is no charge for using the PCBE service.

8. Are customers required to register or be provisioned for the PCBE service?

No. All postpaid customers will be automatically provisioned to access the service.

9. Will PCBE work while roaming?

Because PCBE is a USSD based service, it is expected to work while roaming on networks that support USSD services.

10. Why is Digicel introducing PCBE?

This product allows Digicel to continue in its drive to offer ease of access to information for customers on their accounts and reduces call volumes into the Customer Care Centre.