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Price Plan Conversions

Phone Plan Conversions


Digicel offers you the service of changing your current phone plan to suit your lifestyle. The options available are:


  • Changing your prepaid phone to a postpaid plan
  • Changing your postpaid phone to a prepaid plan

This service is only available at the following dealers:

Digicel Jamaica's Head Office (14 Ocean Boulevard - Downtown Kingston)

Anbell Agencies

Global Cellular

Celli- Shac

Cellular Jamaica Ltd.


Fimi Wireless

Foundation Imports


Matate Holdings Ltd.

Norton Telecommunications

R.A.P. Communications

Source Cellular

U2 Connect Communications



For the Prepaid to Postpaid conversion the below material is required:


1.     Legitimate government identification

2.     A copy of your TRN

3.     Two (2) recent utility bills (Bills must be no older than 3 months)

4.     Deposit ( this deposit will be dependent on which postpaid plan is chosen)

5.     Completed activation form



For the Postpaid – Prepaid conversion


1.     Clear outstanding balance on postpaid account

2.     Letter/Form stating request

3.     Copy of ID