BlackBerry Internet Service


BlackBerry is designed for small and medium enterprises (SME), professionals and individual users. You can conveniently access a wide rage of information and services from a single compact mobile device. You can send and receive email, browse the Internet from your device, use Blackberry messenger and install and use a wide variety of third party applications.

Blackberry allows you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you’re on the go:

  •          Phone
  •          Internet
  •          Email - Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail
  •          Games
  •          Media player, camera and more
  •          Instant Messaging – Blackberry Messenger, Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo Messenger
  •          Social Networking – Facebook
  •          Google Talk
  •          Maps
  •          Organiser
  •     Applications

You must have a Blackberry handset or a Blackberry compatible handset to access Blackberry service.
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Digicel offers Prepaid and Postpaid Blackberry service.

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