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Update Your BlackBerry Smartphone Software

Why update my BlackBerry?

Love your smartphone all over again. Updating the software on your BlackBerry is recommended once an upgrade is available. It is important to only upgrade the software with operating systems that are official releases from BlackBerry and for the mobile network in your region. By updating that software, you may be able to:

·         Enjoy new features or enhancements

·         Resolve technical issues.

The duration of the update process can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of update. Do not remove the battery while the update is in progress


There are two ways to update your BlackBerry® smartphone:

1.      Update your BlackBerry® smartphone using Desktop Manager (recommended).


 “Please ensure that prior to performing this upgrade you do a full device back-up. This upgrade is being done at your own risk”


1.      Click Here to Download the official BlackBerry operating system “Blackberry Desktop Manager” on your computer/desktop and then restart your computer.

2.      After restart, connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB connection.

3.      Launch the “Blackberry Desktop Manager” application.

4.      Select “Update” found under the device tab and follow the update wizard (on-screen instructions).





Launch the “Blackberry Desktop Manager” application.



Select “Update” found under the device tab and follow update wizard.



2.      Steps to update your BlackBerry® smartphone from a website

1.  Click Here to download Blackberry software

2.      Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB connection

3.      Select the “Update your software” and then “Check for Updates” tab found on the page .

4.      Follow the update wizard (on-screen instructions) to complete software update.

Select the “Update your software” and then “Check for Updates” tab found on the page .






Digicel recommends using Desktop Manager to upgrade your BlackBerry® Device Software as this tool can also be used to back up your data.  If you are using the website method to upgrade software, we recommend:

1.      Saving a backup file of all customer data BEFORE starting the upgrade process.


2.      Additionally, all BBM contacts should be saved either remotely (to an email address) or locally (to the phone’s memory card)


3.      Also, please use internet Explorer or Firefox when going to the RIM update website:  Blackberry Software Update, as it will not work correctly with other browsers like Chrome.


For more information on how to update your BlackBerry smartphone from a website, click on the video below:



BlackBerry Firmware Updates 


The link below allows users of BlackBerry devices to update their phones and benefit from the improvements that the new firmware will provide.


  • This is only applicable to BIS users.
  • BES users must contact their administrators before devices can be modified
  • User must have administrative rights to his/her PC
  • Device must be plugged into PC to initiate upgrade, as some drivers are installed to the PC


Please note that this link will take you to an external website which is not operated by Digicel. Digicel accepts no responsibility for the contents of this external website.