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Digicel InTunes

Digicel’s InTunes is a service that allows customers to use ring back tones to personalize the tone that is played to their callers by activating the  service and purchasing tunes.

Q: What is a ring back tone (RBT)?
A: A ring back tone allows customers to replace the traditional “ring-ring” tone that callers hear before the call is answered with a song.

Q: Are ring back tones different from ring tones?
A: Yes. A ring tone is what you hear from your phone when someone calls you. A ring back tone is what someone hears when they dial your number.

Q: Does it matter what phone type and model phone I am using when activating the Digicel InTunes service?
A: No. Your ability to successfully activate and use the service is not dependent on the make or model handset you are using.

Q: How does the Digicel InTunes service work?
A: You are required to activate the service; service will be available for thirty (30) days upon activation. When someone dials your mobile number,  the network recognizes that you have activated the Digicel InTunes service and plays the tune you selected to the caller.

Q: Is the Digicel InTunes service available to all Digicel customers?
A: Yes. The Digicel InTunes service is available to all Digicel customers; that is all consumer and corporate account holders.
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