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Mobile Web

1. Welcome to Mobile Web

This quick convenient guide will answer many questions you may have about setting up your Sony Ericsson GC 75/79 PC card.

What will I need for Mobile web?

When you purchased your new PC card it contained all of the following Items
  • 1 Sony Ericsson GC 75 or GC 79 PC card
  • 1 user manual in English and Spanish
  • 1 installation CD
  • 1 PC card antenna in the case of the GC 75 card.

You would also need:

  • 1 PC or a laptop complete with a 32 bit type II PC Card slot. Your PC card will work with any computer running Windows® 98SE, Me, 2000 (SP2) or XP.
  • 1 Active, GRPS ready Digicel SIM card (prepaid or postpaid).

In order to ensure your Digicel SIM is GPRS ready, simply dial 100 select option 3 then press 2 then 0 to speak to an agent.

2. Getting started

Now that you have all the required equipment, it’s time to get started with Mobile Web. You now need to install the software, which will allow your PC card to communicate with your computer.

The Sony Ericsson GC75/79 is a powerful yet discreet PC card that provides you with data speeds similar to those of a fixed line modem with the added advantage of being wireless. It enables you to access the Internet directly from your laptop or PDA, using General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

You should not insert your GPRS card into your laptop before the software installation is complete.

  • To install the GPRS software you must insert the Install CD into the CD_ROM drive of your computer, after a few seconds you should see the image below:

    Note: If the CD does not auto run, select START then RUN and type D:/Setup.exe into the run dialog box Note: If the CD does not auto run, select START then RUN and type D:Setup.exe into the run dialog box (where D is your CD-ROM drive).
  • Read the license agreement and click yes to continue.

  • Choose the default installation path “C:Program FilesSony EriccsonGC75 Manager” unless you don’t have enough space on drive C or need have a different folder for your programs installation files.

  • You will be asked to put a desktop icon for the GC75 Manager on your desktop choose yes and then click on next.

  • Now you have successfully installed your Sony Ericsson GC75/79 Manager. Click on Finish to exit setup. Restart your machine if you are asked to do so.

3. Configuring your GC75 / GC79 Card

Note: The GC75/79 PC card uses a SIM card to connect to the Digicel Network. If you do not currently have a Digicel SIM card you must first purchase one or use your existing SIM before proceeding. The SIM card must be activated on the Digicel GPRS.

See below for instructions on inserting your SIM card into the GC75/79 PC card.

To insert your GC75/79card with SIM into your laptop follow these instructions:
  • Insert the GC75/79 card into your laptop. Make sure that the card is fully inserted. On specific laptop models a beep signals that your PC has recognized it.

  • The GC75/79 card is now ready for use.

The following application should already be installed on your PC:

Sony Ericsson Communication Monitor - displays status (e.g. GPRS and GSM availability & Signal Strength), similar to a mobile phone display.

  • Double click on the desk top icon labeled GC75 or GC79 Manager   
  • Click on the new connection wizard   

1 Give the connection a name (e.g shown below) and click next

2 Select GPRS – General Packet Radio Service then click next

3 Select Internet then click the Add button

4 Your new APN (Access point Name) must be entered in the exact format below click ok, then click next.

5 The following screen will now pop up.

6 Delete both the username and password, which are defaulted. Leave both spaces blank and click next.

7 Congratulations!!!!!! You are now ready to begin using Mobile Web

8 To begin surfing, select the connection you created before from the drop down list provided.

9 Click connect

10 You are now connected and ready to browse. Happy Surfing