Fun Stuff

Here you can download ringtones for your phone, learn about our sponsored events and even send free text messages over the internet.

Fast-Finger Credit
Fast-Finger Fridayz! Come and get it... :) ...
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Digicel Tones
Personalise your mobile phone with Digi Tones. Digicel has a wide range of ring tones, which can be downloaded directly to your phone. Browse through the wide genre of musical ring to...
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Digicel Live
About Digicel Live Digicel Live is Digicel's gateway to “Infotainment”...
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Digicel INFO
Do you want to be kept Up-to-Date With all the Latest News on Your Digicel Mobile Phone? Now There is a Way... Introducing Digicel INFO - ...
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Mobile Web
1. Welcome to Mobile Web This quick convenient guide will answer many questions you may have about setting up your Sony Ericsson GC 75/79 PC card. ...
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Web Text
Free Web Texts You can send up to 30 FREE text messages a month to other Digicel customers using our Web Text service.
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