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Internet & Data Services

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Data Service

With Digicel Data services you can browse the internet directly from your mobile phone or from your laptop using a data modem.

With Data Services you can

  •          Browse the internet
  •          Access our Digicel Live Portal
  •          Download content – music, ringtones and games etc
  •          Use email service


Digcel’s network uses both General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) technologies to deliver data services. This is why your mobile phone must be compatible with EDGE/GPRS.

Data services are also available when roaming. 


More about Data Services

Both WEB and WAP browsing are facilitated. In simple terms

·          WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Browsing
Browsing via WAP allows access to “web like” sites that were specially designed to be viewed on micro browsers e.g. those found on mobile phones. These pages are usually associated with the name WAP somewhere in the address.
WEB Browsing
This access allows users to view internet websites on the World Wide Web e.g. . You can browse from your mobile phone or from your computer using a data modem.


 Data Modems

 A data card or USB Modem is required in order to browse using a laptop. Digicel USB modems can be purchased at a participating Digicel Store near you.


Phone Settings

Customer devices are automatically provisioned to use Data Services. Older handsets or handsets not purchased from Digicel may require inputting the settings for GPS/EDGE.