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DigiText (SMS)

What is it?

Digicel TEXT is an easy-to-use short messaging service from Digicel that allows you to:

  • Send and receive short text messages using your Digicel Mobile
  • Send longer written messages; 160 characters in length
  • Send Messages to another Digicel Subscriber no matter where they are
  • Send Messages to another GSM subscriber
  • Digicel TEXT messages received within seconds of being sent
  • No need to remember the recipient's phone-number, simply retrieve the number from your Digicel phonebook!
  • No prefix required e.g. 338 or etc.

How does it work?

  • Go to Menu
  • Select "Messages"
  • Choose to write a message or INSERT a template, e.g. Please Call
  • Send the message
  • Enter Phone: choose to type in the number or retrieve the number from your phonebook
  • Send Message.

Getting Started
All Digicel subscribers have this feature once they are on the Digicel Network

Digicel TEXTs are stored on your SIM Card not your phone! The SIM Card can store 20 Digicel TEXTs with a maximum 160 characters at any given time. If the storage space if filled or your phone is turned off, you cannot receive any new Digicel TEXTs until you DELETE those already stored.



You can stay connected with International Text to over 200 networks worldwide for just $6.00 per text. 

Text messages to other Digicel networks remain at $3.00. 


Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

Multimedia Messaging* (MMS) enables you to exchange a combination of text, audio, picture and video** between other Digicel subscribers. You can also send MMS messages to an email address. Each message sent is charged at a flat rate. There is no charge to receive a message.

How does it work?

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Messages
  • Select MMS
  • Choose to add text, audio, picture &/or video as desired
  • Enter phone number, email address or select recipient from your phonebook
  • Send Message

Alternatively you can take a picture or record a video or audio clip and send as an MMS message straight away.

  • Take picture / record audio or video clip
  • Select Send as MMS
  • Choose to add text as desired
  • Enter phone number or email address or select recipient from your phonebook
  • Send Message

*To use MMS you must have a GPRS/EDGE compatible handset that supports MMS.
** Not all phones support video. Please refer to your phone’s userguide for assistance.


Web Text

Digicel webTEXT allows Digicel customers to log on to the Digicel website and send up to 30 messages FREE each month to any Digicel number. Simply register on the Digicel website to send FREE messages.



You can easily access MyMail via our “DigielLive* Portal. MyMail allows Digicel customers with a WAP compatible handset to access and manage personal email accounts from a mobile phone. The email accounts accessible via MyMail are:

  • International – Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo
  • Local – Flow, Anbell

*There are two ways of connecting to Digicel Live:

  • Press and hold down your internet ready key or
  • Open your browser and go to

 Click here for MyMail registration.


Digicel's voicemail service is easy to use, fast to access and retrieval is FREE from your Digicel mobile phone. It's your 24-hour answering service that automatically takes a message for you when your phone is in use, switched off or when you can't answer your phone.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

To access voicemail simply dial 123 and follow the prompts.
The first time you access your voicemail you will be asked to personalise it with your name and password. Personalising with your name lets your friends know that they have reached the right person when they call!