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VIP Plans

What is Digicel's VIP Text?
VIP Text is an SMS ONLY closed user group.
With VIP Text, customers are able to send free unlimited text messages to another customer, their VIP, for a period of 30 days or until the plan expires.
Who is VIP Text for?
VIP Text is for all Digicel customers excepting those who are a part of a Corporate Closed User Group.
Prepaid Customers must be in an active state and have sufficient credit.
Postpaid Customers must not be warned, have an owing balance on their account, be suspended or deactivated.
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What is Digicel's VIP?
The VIP product is a form of Closed User Group which is available to non-corporate customers, i.e. individual Digicel customers. Both prepaid and post-paid customers are eligible to use the service. Users can set up groups of two persons for one flat fee per month. Each member will have free talk time between each other.

There are two types of plans available under VIP:
VIP Talk Unlimited
VIP Talk

For more information on Digicel's VIP Product Click Here