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Fingertip Top Up

Fingertip Top Up allows registered online customers to send top up from their Digicel mobile phone to any number they choose and have the amount charged to the credit card on their account. Customers can also register a Digicel mobile phone belonging to a family member or friend which then allows that the owner of that phone to send the Top Up request.  

The process requires that the customer has a:

1.     Registered account on the site

2.     A credit card stored on the site

3.     A Digicel mobile telephone

Process Overview for the customer:

A.     Log onto the website

B.     Select Online Top Up

a.     If you are a new customer follow the registration steps outlined for Digicel Online Top Up

b.     If you are an existing customer, use your log in credentials to access the top up page.

C.    Complete Top Up transaction and save credit card credentials  

D.    Register a mobile telephone number for the service.


Step 1: Register a mobile telephone number for Fingertip top up

                1. Customer chooses “Fingertip Top Up” from the menu of the website

                2. Customer selects the market they wish to top up

                3. Customer enters the mobile telephone number that they will use to generate the

                    Fingertip Top Up requests


Registration confirmation screen

                4. The customer will then be presented with a screen showing their token, displaying the amounts that will be accepted by the Fingertip Top Up service and explaining how to use the service



Registration confirmation screen


Step 2: Performing a Fingertip Top Up


1.     The customer sends a USSD message from their phone  

a.     To top up their own phone the customer sends the message *152*token*amount# - e.g. *152*12345*10#

b.     To top up another Digicel phone the customer sends the message *152*token*amount*number# - e.g. *152*12345*10*18670000000#

2.     The customer will receive a message on their mobile telephone informing them of the status of their top up

a.     The top up has been successful

b.     The top up has failed (e.g. incorrect number)

c.     An invalid amount was sent, in which case the customer will be presented with the correct amounts that can be used.


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