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Other Methods

For more on other Electronic Top Up methods click here.
TeleFLEX allows prepaid customers to add credit to their mobile phone as well as the accounts of family and frie...
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Direct Flex
This swipe card allows you the ease of adding credit. You can get them free of cost at select gas stations, supermarkets and pharmacies Island wide. The distributo...
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Digicel International Top Up
With Digicel Top Up, you can buy Digicel credit for your friends and family in Jamaica from select retail outlets/stores in the USA, UK, Canada, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos and...
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Digicel Online Top Up
Digicel Online Top...
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Fingertip Top Up
Fingertip Top Up allows registered online customers to send top up from their Digicel mobile phone to any numb...
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