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Phone 2 Phone

Phone 2 Phone (P2P) gives customers the flexibility to purchase prepaid credit from street vendors, stalls and small shops across the island. Look out for the persons wearing the red bib marked Phone 2 Phone (P2P). How do you get the credit?

1.        Just tell your Phone 2 Phone (P2P) vendor the amount of credit required.

2.        Give the vendor your phone number.

3.        Pay the vendor for the voucher.

4.        The credit is sent directly from the vendor’s phone to your phone, in seconds! It's that easy.

5.        Dial *120# to confirm the balance on your phone.

Phone 2 Phone (P2P) Features

·         Its quick, simple and convenient- No pins, no paper, no hassle

·         With Phone 2 Phone (P2P) you can purchase variable amounts of credit starting as low as $50 (e.g. $63, $89, $94 etc)

·         Instant text message confirmation from “400” that your phone has been topped up.