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Convenience in a card! Flexcards are readily available all around the island and can be used for phones, tablets & dongles.
  1. Scratch off the dark strip covering the voucher number with a coin
  2. Dial from your mobile phone: *121* the voucher number and press #(e.g. *121*123456789#)
  3. Then press "SEND"
  4. Look at the phone screen for a message telling you whether the top up was successful.

To check your account balance:

  1. Dial *120#
  2. Then press “SEND"
  3. Check your phone screen for your current balance.


Can be used for Data enabled phones,tablets & dongles. Can be used for DATA ONLY. Cannot be used for text, voice calls or Pay As You Go.

To recharge your DATAFlex account

1.Type*121*DATAFlex number # into the phone-Press send

2.Check the screen on your phone-the confirmation message with your balance will be displayed

Dial *143# to buy a data plan, dial *136# to buy a  Blackberry plan or go to to buy a data plan for your tablet/dongle

To Recharge your Digicel Broadband account from your mobile phone.
        1. Type *125*Broadbandnumber# into phone-Press Send
        2. Type  *125* DATAFlex number # intophone-Press Send

To recharge your4G Broadband account directly log into SelfCare  at

To check your account balance:
       1. Dial *120*10#
       2. Then press "SEND"
       3. Check your screen for your current balance.