Digicel Online Top Up

Digicel Online Top Up allows any individual who has a valid credit card to send credit to any Digicel prepaid phone via the Digicel Website (https://online-top-up.digicelgroup.com/). This service can be accessed by visiting the Digicel website and selecting the “Digicel Online Top Up” option. Digicel Online Top Up service is provided in conjunction with Ezetop.


What is required to use the service?

1.        A valid email address

2.        A registered Digicel Online Top Up account

3.        A valid debit/credit card (MasterCard/VISA/NCB Keycard)

4.        An active Digicel prepaid number


How does it work?

1.        Register a Digicel Online Top Up account for free.

2.        Sign in to your Digicel Online Account

3.        Enter transaction details

4.        Enter card details

5.        Pay and view your receipt


The Digicel phone will receive an SMS confirmation message ((text message).


Automatic Top Up:

Automatic Top Up lets you schedule future Top Ups, that will automatically be sent to a specified Digicel customer at a designated time and date.
You don’t have to be a Digicel customer to use this service. Just sign up or login, enter the Top Up details once, and Digicel will do the rest. 


(Please note that customers only complete one registration per credit card).


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