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TeleFLEX allows prepaid customers to add credit to their mobile phone as well as the accounts of family and friends. This service allows customers to top up anytime and anywhere in Jamaica, providing that they have an NCB account. Only accounts linked to NCB Midas Card or E-Financial Services will be registered for TeleFlex service.

All new users must register in order to use the service. See steps below:



1.       Dial 444-FLEX (3539) from your Digicel mobile phone.

2.       Listen and follow the steps to register.

3.       Press 1 for the registration menu.

4.       Enter your prepaid number. This will be known as your “primary number” (You will also have the option to register 5 additional prepaid numbers (as secondary numbers) to your account, which can also be topped up using the same NCB account.

5.       Once completed, the IVR will direct you to the payment account registration menu.

Payment Account Registration Menu

6.        Press 2

7.        Then press 1 to select your savings account or press 2 to select your chequing account.

8.        Once completed, the IVR will direct you to set up a “top up password” for accessing/purchasing top up.

Password set up (to purchase Top Up)

9.        Press 3

10.     Enter a 4 Digit PIN number (this must be different from the PIN used for your Midas card)

11.     This completes the registration process


NOTE: You will be required to use your “Top Up password” and your “primary number” when accessing the TeleFlex service.



1.        Dial 444-FLEX (3539) from your Digicel mobile phone.

2.        Select option 9 and go directly to the top-up process

3.        Enter 7 digit primary (main ) mobile number

1.        Enter top-up password

2.        Select phone number to be topped up (if additional numbers were registered)

3.        Select the card denomination ($200, $300, $500 or $1,000)

4.        Select account to be debited (savings or chequing)

5.        A confirmation text will be sent reflecting the value of the top up.

6.        Your mobile account will be credited with the denomination selected.